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This blog is meant to show you the work behind Strike Vector CG Trailer.

We will review all steps of the production, from writing the pitch until final delivery. Pictures, videos, breakdown, notes, over 100 entries are available on this blog. Feel free to use the categories in the top menu as well as tags inside articles to view only specific topics. You can also switch to a list view of the articles in the Home menu.

We hope you will enjoy the reading!

[Story] Beginning

These Story articles are aimed to tell you more about the challenges we had to face during the production. My name is Stéphane Montel and I directed the trailer and supervised its production with my colleague Mhamed Elmezoued. Both of us are co-founder of Capsule Studio. Prior to that, we acted as CG Artists and Supervisor in several companies in Paris. In June 2013, we decided to fill the spare time between commercial projects by working on a personal one. (more…)

[Story] Looking for a team

End of August 2013,  the storyboard is finished. We were ready to prepare the project logistic : ressources, schedule, team… As you can see from the storyboard,  we moved away from our basic intention to make a 30 seconds teaser. And after 8+ years of experience in this industry, we managed to convince ourselves that it was possible to make a 1 minute and 30 seconds full CG trailer in about six months with a volunteer team and in our spare time. Crazy? Yep. The first tasks to launch were pilot design, vector design, selection of references and previs. (more…)

[Story] Go Prod !

October 2013. At this point, the main stages of pre-production are underway or completed. It’s time to launch the production of the main 3d assets : pilot, vectors, environments.

While some artists have come to  work at NKI Studio where Mhamed and myself were employees, a large part of the work was made through teleworking. (more…)