[Story] Go Prod !

October 2013. At this point, the main stages of pre-production are underway or completed. It’s time to launch the production of the main 3d assets : pilot, vectors, environments.

While some artists have come to  work at NKI Studio where Mhamed and myself were employees, a large part of the work was made through teleworking. This situation requires that everyone involved must be clearly informed in order not to lose the precious time they give to the project. Ultimately, the level of rigor and communication is higher than on a standard commercial project. Each person received a detailed briefing ahead of his tasks : planning, goals, references, etc.


We also setuped a google drive storage to share references, design, 3d files and project update. By mid October 2013, everything went smoothly, deadlines and goals were still the same. As a reminder, the delivery is assumed to fall in early 2014, according to the released date of the game.

Stéphane Montel.