[Story] Looking for a team

End of August 2013,  the storyboard is finished. We were ready to prepare the project logistic : ressources, schedule, team… As you can see from the storyboard,  we moved away from our basic intention to make a 30 seconds teaser. And after 8+ years of experience in this industry, we managed to convince ourselves that it was possible to make a 1 minute and 30 seconds full CG trailer in about six months with a volunteer team and in our spare time. Crazy? Yep. The first tasks to launch were pilot design, vector design, selection of references and previs.

We got in touch with CG artists we used to work and most of the time people were happy to join the project! We also had the chance to convince Androids Associés, a studio specialized in Previs, to take over this part of the production. At this time, Mhamed and I were holding the position of CG Supervisor at NKI Studio in Paris. The studio was kind enough to provide us computers and rendering ressources for the project.

Early October 2013, things are on the way to be built!

Stéphane Montel.