[Story] The Fall

By the end of February 2014, as expected we missed the deadline. The game is released on Steam since one month (by the way the feedback of the press were very positive!). Nevertheless, the trailer took a good shot of boost since Christmas. Animation is nearly finished. Pilot Character is completed. Look of the film is determined. Shots assembly is progressing.

It is precisely during this momentum of productivity that we are almost all booked on various commercial projects for the next three-five months. (more…)

[Story] One Year

August 2014. Project Anniversary! It’s been a year since we started working on the trailer. As we discussed in the previous Story Article, progress has become quite complicated. But even if things are moving slowly, they are moving forward!

When is the new release date? Since we completely missed the game’s launch on Steam, our new deadline will be the announcement of the consoles version of the game: Strike Vector EX. At this point, we do not yet know when it will be but probably in early 2015. (more…)