[Story] The Fall

By the end of February 2014, as expected we missed the deadline. The game is released on Steam since one month (by the way the feedback of the press were very positive!). Nevertheless, the trailer took a good shot of boost since Christmas. Animation is nearly finished. Pilot Character is completed. Look of the film is determined. Shots assembly is progressing.

It is precisely during this momentum of productivity that we are almost all booked on various commercial projects for the next three-five months.
Things became really complicated. At first, I was tempted to think that it was possible to work on several projects at one time. Actually, after working 10-12h a day, it is very hard to switch to a complete different project and stay effective. You lose the overall perspective, you make mistakes on both sides, you are tired, etc.

What to do ? You go back to the first idea : having fun. We waited to take advantage of each opportunity to focus on the trailer and stopped being worried by the fact of being late. From now on, the progress will be very slow and the team working on it is reduced to a trickle. The bulk of the remaining work is to assemble the scenes : set up the environments (modeling, mapping, shading), import animations, lighting, rendering and compositing shots.

In the next six months, only six shots will be brought to their final stage.

Stéphane Montel.