[Story] What have they become?

After all this time, what are we doing now?

Mhamed and I, we left our CG Supervisor position and founded our own studio: Capsule Studio. We are in activity since less than a year but we already had the luck to work on great projects. For exemple, we just made several CGI cinematics and trailers for the Deck13’s game: The Surge. For our greatest happiness, we were able to work on this with a lot of people who helped us on Strike Vector!

All the studios and artists involved in the project are still active in the Paris network of animation and visual effect. Most of them are working on high-end projects for video games and feature films!

The game Strike Vector was a criticaly acclaimed title. The released of the game for console has touched a new community of players. After several years of intense production, the team took a well deserved break to think about their next move.

I would like to thank all the people who participated in this project!  I hope the content of this blog brings an interesting perspective on the making of a cgi trailer. Congratulation to have reached the end!


Stephane Montel.