[Story] Delivery & Post Mortem

August 2015, the trailer is finished. FINISHED!!!
We spent the summer improving some shots, meanwhile Tape finalized the sound design and the music with the help of Maravers.

The trailer will be used to announce the release date of the console version of the game: Strike Vector EX but the development  suffered some delays. In the end, the trailer was released in August 2016. Yes, one year after we finish it. In the end, we were not so late 😀

We can say it was a long adventure! Here are some major milestones:

  • June 2013: Idea to produce a trailer on our freetime.
  • October 2013: Storyboard completed.
  • January 2014: Strike Vector released on steam.
  • August 2014: Animation completed.
  • February 2015: Rendering completed.
  • August 2015: Trailer (picture/sound/music) completed.
  • August 2016: Trailer released on the web, Strike Vector EX released on PS4.

We are very proud to have completed this project and extremely grateful to all the people who have helped us and supported us!

What should we remember? Here is a non-exhaustive list that may be useful to anyone thinking about embarking on a similar adventure.

  • If you don’t have money, be careful to design a realistic project. Be pessimistic about your planning.
  • Maximize everything you make. Basically, do a lot with little.
  • Make a solid pre-production work before going deeper and involving many people. Do not leave anything to chance.
  • Be clean and organize. If for any reason you have to stop working on your project for several months, you must be able to go back on it without losing time to find your marks.